Wrong Favicon Showing on Google Searches

Issue: The wrong favicon is being displayed in Google Search Results

Why: Google has indexed the site and is pulling the favicon from a current favicon file, an older version of the site (or just an older favicon).

How to fix it: 

Step 1a: Find the file that Google has indexed for your sites favicon by typing this into the browser bar: https://www.google.com/s2/favicons?domain=PLACE DOMAIN HERE
Step 1b: Access GSC (Google Search Console) >  Inspect URL > paste the root domain and search "Favicon"

Step 2: Copy the file URL

Step 3: Access the site via FTP or cPanel and navigate to the file location

Step 4: Delete the file

Step 5: Clear ALL cache

Step 6a: Access GSC (Google Search Console) > request reindexing of the root URL (Home Page)
Step 6b: Requesting indexing alone may not be enough as the new favicon may not be recognized.  Add a <link> to the header of the home page so Google sees it when crawling the page again. 
Example: <link rel="shortcut icon" href="/path.com">
Step 6c: Upload a favicon file to FTP

Step 7: Check back in a week or two in the search results and see if the wrong favicon has been removed and updated 

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